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Bromelain: Dosage, Benefits, and Side Effects - Betta Health And Wellness

Bromelain: Dosage, Benefits, and Side Effects

Benefits of Bromelain - Interesting Health Effects Backed by Science

Pineapple is a treasure of Bromelain. Bromelain is a group of enzymes that can be extracted from the stem or fruit of the pineapple plant. Bromelain includes protein-digesting enzymes such as proteinases and proteases. Importantly, they help in protein digestion. They can break down proteins into amino acids in the body. Historically, pineapple is used for a variety of ailments such as digestive disorders in Central and South America. Though pineapple is native to America but is now grown throughout the world.

Quick overview

Bromelain was discovered almost a century ago. Its therapeutic herbal supplements became commercially available shortly after. Bromelain supplements treat a variety of health conditions, especially those linked with chronic inflammation, such as allergies. Physicians have used these enzymes for hundreds of years in many ways.

Nowadays, Bromelain has attained the position of an important health supplement. Besides, skincare products containing Bromelain are high in demand. Besides, it is really effective in removing the dead skin from burns. It can be taken orally as supplements, to reduce inflammation and swelling. In fact, People use bromelain as a natural remedy for many health issues. So, let us discuss some top benefits of Bromelain.

  1. Helps to treat sinus Problems

Bromelain is used to reduce the symptoms of sinus problems and related conditions that affect breathing and nasal passages. Bromelain can decrease the sinuses symptoms in children, improve breathing, congestion, and reduce nasal inflammation.

Studies prove that taking 500 mg of Bromelain in a day in frequent intervals helps improve your health and quality of life. Often, surgery can be ineffective at treating sinus problems; Bromelain brings a lot of hope to people suffering from sinus problems.

  1. Helps to prevent and treat Osteoarthritis

Osteoporosis is a disease that’s indicated by fragile bones due to a reduction in bone mass density. Hence, it increases your risk of bone fractures, which can be quite debilitating and even require surgery. Thus, osteoporosis is four times more common in women than in men.                     

In addition to containing Bromalein, pineapple is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is more important for bone health. It can stimulate the production of bone-forming cells and protect bone cells from damage. In fact, adequate intake of vitamin C enhances the bone mass density.

Thus, the intake of pineapple into your diet may improve bone health. It helps prevent soft tissue swelling and joint stiffness due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Researchers observed that by giving two 650mg capsules of Bromelain each day can decrease up to 60% joint pain.

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects

Bromelain can reduce inflammation elsewhere in the body. Moreover, it suppresses certain compounds linked to cancer inflammation and tumor growth.

Bromelain also helps boost a healthy immune system to release inflammation-fighting compounds. Furthermore, growth factor-beta transformation is responsible for the inflammation associated with arthritis. Bromelain reduces this activity to alleviate arthritis pain. In addition, it limits various proinflammatory mediators.

  1. Improves heart health

Most importantly, Bromelain is effective at treating heart diseases, such as peripheral artery disease, stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. In fact, Bromelain inhibits the ability of blood platelets to stick or clump together. So, it helps to reduce clot formation and heart attack.

  1. Role in the fight against cancer

Bromelain helps in combating cancer. However, Bromelain can positively impact cancer cell growth. In this way, it helps to control the key pathways supporting malignancy. Studies have proven that Bromelain is a potent anticancer biomolecule. Besides, it strengthens the immune system and guarantees marked health effects.

Breast cancer: Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. Bromelain fights breast cancer by inducing apoptosis. Apoptosis is a type of programmed cell death essential for stopping the proliferation of cancer cells. It accounts for approximately 25% of all cancer diagnoses in women. So, using pineapple in your diet can help to fight against cancer.

  1. Reducing the risk of asthma

Bromelain’s anti-inflammatory effects are beneficial to people with asthma. Bromelain inhibits asthma-related airway inflammation. Hence, Bromelain reduces allergic sensitization and stops the development of other inflammatory responses affecting the airways.

  1. Helps in digestion

As we know that Bromelain is a group of digesting enzymes. Furthermore, Bromelain increases the effects of the digestive enzymes trypsin and pepsin, which enhances the breakdown of proteins in food. Thus, it helps in digestion and prevents stomach pains. Moreover, studies suggest that bromelain can reduce the effects of some bacteria that affect the intestine, such as E. coli and V. cholera.

However, it also reduces inflammation throughout the gut and gives relief from inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, and heartburn. In this way, bromelain fastens the healing of the gastrointestinal mucosa.

 Weight loss: Some supplement manufacturers suggest bromelain to lose weight. Moreover, studies confirm that the enzymes in bromelain can fasten the speed at which the body digests fats.

  1. Provide vital nutrients during pregnancy

More importantly, pineapple can add vital nutrients to your diet during pregnancy. Bromelain includes Cu that’s essential for red blood cell formation. Thus, during pregnancy, your copper needs increase to 1 mg per day to help the increase in blood flow that occurs during pregnancy.

Likewise, Copper is also needed for the development of your baby’s heart, blood vessels, and skeletal and nervous systems. In fact, pineapple is also a good source of several B vitamins, including vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B9. B vitamins are vital for the proper growth and development of your baby.

Similarly, pineapple contains vitamin C and small amounts of iron, zinc, and calcium. So, all of these are important for a healthy pregnancy.

Awareness tips

Keep in mind; Bromelain can raise the risk of bleeding. So, make sure to stop taking it at least two weeks before surgery. Also, consult with your doctor before using bromelain if you have any health problems, such as a bleeding disorder etc.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, Bromelain is a nutrition powerhouse. Juicy, deliciously tangy and sweet, Pineapples contains all essential vitamins. These vitamins are helpful for the skin as well. In the end, enjoy the miraculous benefits of Bromelain by using it naturally in your diet. We are hopeful that this piece of information really helps.


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