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mR40 method: The 40 Day Guide to Lose Weight, Balance Your Hormones and Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

Unfortunately, many people don't fully understand how to practically apply ketogenic eating as a part of a healthy lifestyle. This leaves them frustrated and yo-yo-ing in and out of an unhealthy cycle of weight gain, fatigue and food cravings, unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle The mR40 method combines 4 scientifically proven methods using food, movement and life-hacks to begin transforming your health in the next 40 Days. Designed on the foundation of ketogenic eating, with the addition of science backed angiogenesis-inhibiting foods and metabolic reconditioning movements, the mR40 method is your blueprint to create a complete lifestyle program to optimize your health. With the knowledge in this book, you'll understand how to take the most effective science and researched-backed weight loss methods of nutrition and movement and apply them as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Your health transformation starts now!

Mubarakah Ibrahim is an internationally renowned health and fitness expert with over 20-years' experience in the personal wellness industry, Mubarakah has earned 13 fitness and nutrition certifications and holds an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Public Health and Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. In addition to being an OASIS In The Overwhelm Master Trainer: A Professionally Recognized CEU Stress Management Coach Certification and Training Program. Mubarakah has gained a reputation as a leader in innovative fitness for women and entrepreneurs. She has appeared Oprah Winfrey Show "Thirty-Something in America" [2008] and also been featured on the covers and business sections of the Chicago Tribune. She is an expert fitness contributor to Prevention Magazine, the NY Times, Azizah and Experience Life Magazines. In both 2012 and 2013, Mubarakah was a special guest at the White House Iftar Dinner with President Barack Obama. She lectures and conducts workshops on health, fitness and healthy living throughout the world. She lives in New Haven Connecticut with her husband, children and grandchild.